Our Story

Since almost fifty years, there’s a workshop, in Northern Italy, where amazing buttons made of Mother of Pearl are proudly created, named Bottonificio L.A.B.
This story starts back in the ‘50s, when Tullio Belotti, trained in a company known for producing button making machines, has been relocated to Piacenza a small city near Milan, as a technician in a button workshop, to teach employees how to manage them. After this quite long training, he was proposed to work inside the workshop with a really interesting economical proposal and he choose to take the chance. There he got qualified in techniques that would follow him in the rest of his career. He felt in love with Mother of Pearl learning how to use it and to create unique pieces with it. The vision he got was to build his own company which was soon a reality.
Bottonificio L.A.B. opened officially 1st of March 1961. The first workshop was quite small but in a very small lack of time they needed more space, due to the increasing volume of orders. Since 1968 to nowadays the venue remains the same. 

Quickly Bottonificio L.A.B. start looking at a growth to their customer and revenue, due to a marketing and commercial policy based on high quality raw materials, care of the detail, creativity and artistic taste of the creations and last but not the least great respect of the deadlines.

To keep always updated, Bottonificio L.A.B. grown up through innovation, to blend experience and knowledge earned in those years of activity. Either way we choose to keep the artisanal dimension printed from the very beginning. Even nowadays most of our products are handmade by choice.

After several years of training, the leading team of Bottonificio L.A.B. changed introducing Tiziana Simona Belotti, daughter of the founder and actual CEO and Adriano Rezzoagli, skilled Designer and Modeller, blending contemporary needs to deep traditions, developing a unique product. 

The laboratory


Since over 60 years our deep knowledge and our love for details are at your service.


Don’t stop believing! A new challenge is a huge opportunity for us and we LOVE it!


Our creations love to travel and they are EVERYWHERE!


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